Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 8: Rube Goldberg Take 2

Figure 1. Video explaining circuit and showing operation
Figure 2. 555 timer hook up

Figure 3. Temp sensor and op-amp
The first major problem we ran into was that when we heat up the temp sensor seen in fig. 3 it was close to the 555 timer. Because of this the 555 timer would also heat up and then would delay by about 10 seconds after it got power before it would start its clock cycle. This made the circuit take longer and act very inconsistency. Eventually we also had problems with the op-amp heating up and stopping the circuit when it shouldn't so we moved the temp sensor further away like you saw in the video. That fixed the circuit stopping before it should and the 555 time delaying it's clock.

Figure 5. Whole circuit minus motor
We don't have a picture of the motor hooked up but the second major problem we mentioned in the video. The motor we originally were going to use wouldn't work with our relay and op-amp configuration and when ever the circuit would power the motor we assumed the motor drew to much current and would cause the circuit to stop. Making us have to heat up the temp sensor again to restart it only for it to stop again. After trying our the motor used in figure 1 the video the whole circuit would work as intended.


  1. We ran into the same problems with to weak of a motor. But it was cool setup. You may want to also include a written explanation along with the videos just to clarify the circuit better.

  2. You guys had a really good circuit set. We ran into the same problem as you guys with the relay. We used and opamp in order to get the motor the voltage it needed to start working. You guys could try that next time. Great job this week!

  3. Good RG setup. No response to comments.