Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 12: Dru Pikula

Number 1: Computer Drawing

Number 2: Explanation of setup
There is 2 photocell resistors that will allow the motor to spin when they are uncovered, the circuit will activate when photocell 1 becomes uncovered from being initially covered, which because of the voltage divider active the transistor and then the relay switch to allow the motor to turn on. The motor will active the physical/mechanical part of the Rube Goldberg not yet drawn, the motor will spin in a string on a rod object that will pull it off another, on the other rod another string will pull a block over the second photocell to turn off the motor after the motor activates the next persons circuit.

Number 3: Photos
Whole Circuit

Voltage divider and Photocells

Relay and Transistor
Slide to slide over photo resistor

Motor and string

Number 4: Videos
Video of circuit working
Video of circuit with mechanical parts

Number 5: Failures
The main failures I've have so far have been getting the transistor to activate the relay, that was solved by bumping up the voltage to a value that would work just by slowing increasing it until it triggered.


  1. You need better circuit drawing also some mechanical part drawing. As we talked, faster, slowing blinking LEDs around your mechanical contraptions would make your circuit complicated enough.

  2. I like your design. I couldn't get the video to play but i have a pretty good idea of how everything runs. I think it was really clever how you used 2 photocells in series with the transistor to control wether the circuit was on or off. looking at picture i also like the motor harness you built. it looks good and sturdy.

  3. I like your idea for the two photocell voltage divider. I found your paragraphs to be somewhat hard to understand and it was hard to visualize without a mechanical drawing. I assume your circuit triggers the trebuchet firing? What is going to uncover your photocell to begin your circuit?

  4. I like how you made a system to turn off the motor once your circuit does its job. But i wonder if your circuit will fit in the time restraints of 10 seconds since your circuit triggers the next one before yours is done.